The Thing About Mamuli Baatein

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I am joined by my guest co-host, Tanmay Wagh, who you all met last Season as part of episode 21: The Thing About Marine Adventures! Together, we speak to two fabulous members of the Andaman and Nicobar Environment Team at the Dakshin Foundation – James Tirkey and Babu Kutty.James is the Base Coordinator and a Field Assistant at ANET. He has extensive research experience – having assisted on several forestry projects. He enjoys work within the realms of botany, herpetology, birding, mangroves systems and the marine sphere. He has a scientific and logical mind, with a largely calm demeanor, save for the occasional volleyball match! He’s also a keen naturalist, and seeing an unexpected species around the field base is one sure-shot way to bring an uncharacteristic, joyous smile on his face.Babu is the Boat Captain of the research vessel Khlee, and is also the maintenance-in-charge at ANET. Basically, the king of jugaad and quick-fixes! He is also a certified diver with skilled knowledge in navigating the seascape – both above and under water. He is integral to the planning and execution of several research projects – including Tanmay’s – and is one of the most passionate members of ANET. He expresses his concern for the environment through heated discussions and long rants, all lending insight into his deeply pragmatic thinking.