The Thing About Art for Conservation

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Labonie Roy is a multi-media illustrator and educational content designer with a passion for nature-based learning. She has worked alongside various environment and education initiatives to bring both children and adults closer to nature through creative perspectives like upcycling, art and theatre. You can see a lot of her work featured in the educational content at Nature Classrooms, an initiative by the Nature Conservation Foundation. She’s now a freelancer, and her interests lie in issues surrounding sustainability, gender and education.

Deepika Nandan is an illustrator, animator, and stick-poke tattoo artist. With an interest in the environment, wildlife and traditional knowledge, she investigates the biosphere and people’s detrimental impacts on it through art. Her creative practice often involves natural, sustainable and found materials that combine analogue and digital techniques. She began working with the Centre for Wildlife Studies, and now is a freelancer as well! She is also the fab artist behind the scenes of the podcast, and is responsible for making us look so good!