A three-way collaboration

Sydney Environmental Institute, India and Bharat Together and The Thing About Wildlife

These are two very special bonus episodes that explore the on-ground consequences of climate change in the western himalayas, and what they mean for the future of people, their grounded imaginaries and the habitats of these regions.

Episode-1: The Thing About Glacial Melts

In our first episode – The Thing About Glacial Melts, through an introspective conversation with two young individuals rooted in Ladakh, we will try to understand how local communities from the higher reaches of the Himalayas have been experiencing, and adapting to, the increasingly real consequences of climate change. Lobzang Wangtak, glacial conservationist and co-founder of Navikarana Trust, an NGO , and Dawa Dolma, an independent journalist striving to bring the people’s stories to the forefront of climate change discourse, join me to dissect what is happening in Ladakh today.

Episode-2: The Thing About Regenerative Farming

In the second episode, we have two fantastic speakers from Uttarakhand. Malika Virdi is an urban citizen turned farmer who co-founded Maati Sanghthan, a women’s collective, in Sarmoli, Munsiyari. This collective actively works to fight against the growing violence against women, and focuses on improving community wellbeing through an environmental lens. Siddharth Negi is one of the founders of the Uttaranchal Youth and Rural Development Centre, or UYRDC, where he works to establish an ecological, social and economic environment wherein the local communities can grow to sustain themselves in the years to come. Together, we explore the challenges of living and farming in a place as dynamic and unpredicatable as Uttarakhand, and explore how the agrarian communities there have been adapting to climate change over time.